The 50th Anniversary Magical Mystery Tour Platinum Edition!

With the extraordinary success of the 50th anniversary promotion of Sgt. Pepper, Apple Corpse has decided to hold nothing back in promoting the other Beatles 50th anniversary this year - Magical Mystery Tour!

Knowing that Beatles fans have and endless supply of disposable cash, Apple Corpse has risen to the occasion to the deliver the definitive anniversary experience....the Magical Mystery Tour Platinum Edition! The first 500 orders will be listed in a drawing to have their very own Magical Mystery Tour bus come to their town and take them on a mystery tour!

The set includes:

  • DVD and Blu-ray, a 60-page book, and Giles Martin remix of the mono double 7 vinyl EP.
  • Remastered director's cut DVD with 3 hours of bonus footage.
  • Magical Mystery Tour Original Black and White 1967 BBC Broadcast
  • 22" Bass Drum Head
  • Bumper sticker
  • Framed copy of Paul's Magical Mystery Tour diagram
  • Recreation of Paul's sweater (please indicate size needed)
  • Ringo's Magician Hat
  • Walrus Mask
  • Black Carnation Brooch
  • Christmas Ornament
  • Coffee Mug
  • Corgi Bus Toy
  • Key ring
  • Bus Cookie Jar
  • Spiral Notebook
  • Hot wheels Bus
  • Limited Edition Plate
  • 1983 Betamax Tape
  • Vintage 1968 MMT Viewmaster
  • Magical Mystery Tour Egg cups
  • George Harrison Rocky guitar, Approx 9" high
  • Vintage Magical Mystery Tour Musical Figurines Under Glass Music Box.
  • Magical Mystery Box surprise gift!

Here's the infomercial for the set:

Only $1999 for this limited edition. Postage and handling are separate. Your collection will arrive in a special collector's item crate in 6-8 weeks!

And stay tuned for "Magical Mystery Tour 3-D" coming to a theater near you in November!

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