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POP GO THE BEATLES - Episode Guide
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To give you some idea of the topics covered in the "Pop Go The Beatles" episodes, I am including a quick episode guide of the 21 episodes.

Coming soon to EAR CANDY: reviews of various episodes and their content!

Episode #1 A Day In Music History
Pop Go The Beatles debut hour, celebrates one of The Beatles biggest achievements. During the first week of April 1964, the Beatles held the Top 5 spots on Billboard's chart, while placing a total of 12 songs in Top 100. We'll take you into the studio for some of the songs and transport our audience back in time to share in a little taste of Beatlemania.
Hour #2 consists of a Fantasy 1964 Beatles concert, we play 18 high quality live performances from concerts in Paris, Australia and 3 different US performances.

Episode #2 Sgt Pepper Exposed
Sgt Pepper Exposed takes you inside the making of one of Rock and Roll's most important Albums. You'll get the opportunity to hear how these songs were created and share in many of the "Studio Tricks" used to construct this incredible LP. This is one show you do not want to miss.

Episode #3 Inside A Hard Days Night
Inside A Hard Days Night takes you through the recording of the music from the British Soundtrack LP, and finishes with a complete BBC radio show, where the boys performed all the songs for the film, for a studio audience.

Episode #4 The Beatles, Covered & Uncovered
Features the original songs the Beatles covered on their records and in their early days performing, plus unissued songs and of course, some of the greatest artists in music, covering the Beatles songs.

Episode #5 The Beatles, Before America
Join us for a fun trip back to the time when the Beatles were strugglling artists, looking for a break. We'll hear the Beatles in their earlier incarnations, The Quarrymen and the Silver Beatles. And we'll explore their wild Hamburg Days and their failed audition for Decca Records on 1/1/62.

Episode #6 The Beatles Conquer America
Follow the Beatles during those 11 days in February of 1964, when the Fab- 4 conquered America . We'll drop in on their Ed Sullivan performances in NY and Miami, as well as their first US concert, in Washington D.C., on 2/11/64. And of course we'll hear from a few American DJs like Rick Shaw and Murray The K.

Episode #7 In The Studio
We'll take you inside EMI's Abbey Road Studios to explore the creation of some of your favorite Beatles songs.

Episode #8 1965 & 1966 Fantasy Concert
As a little Christmas present for our audience, we take you to some of the Beatles most famous concerts. Shea Stadium, Paris, The Hollywood Bowl and Atlanta, in 1965 and Tokyo, Japan and the Beatles last live concert in San Francisco's Candlestick Park, from 1966.

Episode #9 Let It Be Days
We'll take you back to January 1969, when the Beatles recorded & filmed hundreds of hours of music, to be used for the Get Back sessions. And we'll hear their complete final live performance on the rooftop of their Apple Headquarters.

Episode #10 The Beatles, Covered & Uncovered II
Featuring the original versions of songs the Beatles covered in their early days and contemporary covers of Beatles songs. In this installment we're spotlighting the woman, The Shirelles, The Cookies, the Donays, The Marvellettes, Sheryl Crow, Tina Turner and Tori Amos.

Episode #11 Ten Hours To #1
We celebrate the 40 year anniversary of the recording of the Beatles first UK album, Please, Please Me. We'll take you in to Abbey Road Studios on 2/11/63 to hear the Beatles record ten songs in ten hours to finish their first LP.

Episode #12 Rubber Soul & Revolver
We'll head into the studio to break down the creation of some of your favorite songs from these LPs. It's 2 hours jammed with the stories of how special studio effects helped to create these Albums.

Episode #13 Beatles Books
In this episode we interview 3 authors of Beatles books, Bruce Spizer ("The Beatles Records on Vee Jay", "The Beatles Records on Capital Records Part 1 & 2"), Ken Geringer, the Author of "Nobody Told Me", and Paul Saltzman, the author of "The Beatles in Rishekesh". We've got Andrew Croft the publisher of Beatlology Magazine. Plus a segment on the books Woody uses to research and write the show and a segment on the Beatles Books we hate.

Episode #14 The White Sessions
This episode explores the creation of the Beatles "White Album". Paul Saltzman joins us again to talk about the songs he heard the Beatles create while spending a week with them in India. We will also get to listen to the demo the Beatles made in May of 1968 at George's house "Kinfauns" in Esher. It's just John, George and Paul and their acoustic guitars laying down the basic tracks for the White Album.

Episode #15 BBC Thrillogy Part 1
This week we begin our 3-Part Episode exploring the Beatles BBC broadcasts. But we're not just going to play a song from one BBC appearance and then another song from a different BBC appearance, we'll be playing the entire Beatles portion of that BBC show. This episode starts at the beginning, the Beatles first appearance on BBC radio. March 7th 1962, the Beatles appeared on "Teenagers Turn (Here We Go)" and played Dream Baby, Memphis, Tennessee and Please Mr. Postman and we've got that complete performance for you. Along with complete performances from 1962-1965, including BBC programs Saturday Club, Side By Side and Top Gear.

Episode #16 BBC Thrillogy Part 2
Part 2 of our BBC Thrillogy concentrates on the Beatles own BBC program called "Pop Go The Beatles". The Beatles and the BBC produced 15 episodes of 'Pop' and on this show you get to hear 6 of those episodes in their entirety.

Episode #17 BBC Thrillogy Part 3
In Part 3, we wrap up our BBC project and include 7 more complete performances on BBC radio. Included is the Beatles 6/11/62 performance, their second on BBC radio. On this show called, "Here We Go", the boys played the first recorded version of Ask Me Why (recorded 6 months before the Hamburg Tapes), Besame Mucho and the Joe Brown song A Picture Of You, with George Harrison on lead vocal for the first time on the BBC.

Episode #18 Eight Arms To Hold You
On this show we take you behind the scenes of the Beatles movie "Help", with rare interviews and unheard alternate takes for the songs on the British Soundtrack LP.

Episode #19 The Capital Records 45s
We take you through the Beatles Capital Records catalogue of 45 RPMs. You'll hear rare versions of the records you grew up with.
We'll also tell you how much those 45s you've been saving are worth.

Episode #20 The Final Days of Abbey Road
A rare look at the making of the Beatles last studio album. This show will include an unreleased, alternate mix, of the Sun King medley.
Voted our "Best" show by our listeners!

Episode #21 The Beatles, Covered & Uncovered III
Our final episode, is the third installment of the Covered & Uncovered series. In this installment we spend some time with John Lennon & Scott Muni from WNEW FM in NY. In February of 1975 John popped in on his old friend Scottso to promote his new LP Rock N' Roll. We'll pull some of the highlights from that day as well as uncovering more unreleased Beatles tunes and playing some great Beatles covers by Sting and others.

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